My Runes Can Be Upgraded - Chapter 937: Fire Seed Talisman, Fire Controlling Pill Master Advancement Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 937: Fire Seed Talisman, Fire Controlling Pill Master Advancement


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He swallowed a Dao Comprehension Pill.

At first, Wu Wei didn’t feel anything.

There was no warmth in his stomach or coldness in his head.

This made Wu Wei wonder if the Dog Secret Realm had tricked him again.

Could this medicinal pill be fake?

Wu Wei’s worries disappeared the moment he started drawing the [Torch Talisman].

From the first stroke, Wu Wei felt that he had a new understanding of talismans.

At this moment, Wu Wei knew that the Dao Comprehension Pill was starting to take effect.

Wu Wei didn’t say anything else and used all the insights he had accumulated from the [Torch Talisman].

As soon as he activated the [Torch Talisman], Wu Wei’s vision turned dark.

Endless darkness, coldness, and hunger surged up.

This feeling was like a tidal wave that instantly drowned Wu Wei.

Logically speaking, with Wu Wei’s current spiritual power and strength, he should not be so easily affected.

But in fact, he was indeed affected.

At this moment, he was like a helpless and desperate child curled up in the dark.

In the midst of endless despair, a light suddenly lit up.

It was just a small beam of light, a torch that was not very bright, but at this moment, it seemed to have endless hope in Wu Wei’s eyes.

In an instant, the darkness, ice, and hunger were completely expelled.

At the same time, in reality, Wu Wei had already drawn a [Torch Talisman] with his Poor Ghost Talisman Pen.

The golden finger notification flashed at this moment.

[You have successfully drawn a Level 90 Epic-grade [Fire Seed Talisman] with [Not a Scent]!]

[You have used [Poor Man’s Hope]. You have obtained an additional 5 Level 90 Legendary-grade Fire Seed Talismans!]

[Your Torch Talisman has been upgraded to Epic level, and your [Talisman Crafting] level has greatly increased!]


At the same time, an epic-quality [Torch Talisman] appeared in Wu Wei’s space of consciousness.

The appearance of this torch talisman made the talismans of the [Crimson Flame Hundred Beasts Gang Qi] that were hiding in the corner of Wu Wei’s consciousness space appear again.

The two talismans instantly fused together. In the next second, the [Crimson Flame Hundred Beasts Gang Qi] talisman became more and more commanding.

[Your cultivation technique [Crimson Flame Hundred Beasts Gang Qi] has been upgraded to [Upper-grade]!]

At this moment, this cultivation technique had been upgraded to a level similar to the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Technique.

However, the quality of the [Scarlet Flame White Head Gang Qi] did not seem to be of any substantial help to Wu Wei.

Although Wu Wei had a decent [Sunchaser Arrow], he had not used it since his [Thunder Dharma] awakened.

The upgrade of the [Crimson Flame Hundred Beast Gang Qi] seemed to be dispensable to Wu Wei.

However, Wu Wei noticed that after the fusion of the [Crimson Flame Hundred Beasts Gang Qi] and the [Torch Talisman], a progress bar of [1/100] appeared.

Wu Wei estimated that the [Crimson Flame Hundred Beasts Gang Qi] could still be upgraded. If it was not upgraded to the [Rank-Extreme] grade, he might be able to get another [Flame Dharma] or something like that.

However, that was a matter for the future. Wu Wei did not pay attention to this now.

He quickly looked away from the mess and landed on the [Torch Talisman] in his hand.

[Talisman: Fire Seed Talisman]

[Rarity: Epic]

[Level: 90]

[Description: One of the basic talismans of the Origin of Fire. It is extremely important to fire mages and warlocks.]

The Torch Talisman turned into the Fire Seed Talisman. This time, the improvement was not small.

However, Wu Wei frowned.

Although the talisman was successfully drawn, one was definitely not enough.

“It’s a pity that the [Pauper’s Talisman Pen] is only Legendary grade. If it was Epic grade, I would have gotten six [Fire Seed Talismans].”

For the first time, Wu Wei had a strong urge to upgrade [Poor Ghost’s Talisman Pen].

Unfortunately, this thing could not be upgraded just like that.

“Draw the talisman first!”

Although he couldn’t rely on [Miserly] for the remaining talismans, he could still draw them himself.

Wu Wei immediately used his contribution points to exchange for materials.

He spent another 500 Gold Contribution Points to exchange for 100 Level 90 Epic Grade talisman materials.

This exchange made Wu Wei realize that he had been cheated by the Eastern Han’s secret domain.

After all, the Sealing Talisman that he had purchased previously cost 10 Gold Contribution Points each. Now, he needed 5 Gold Contribution Points for a set of Level 90 Epic materials.

Wasn’t the Eastern Han’s secret realm of origin clearly trying to trick him?

Wu Wei silently took out his small notebook and made a note before exchanging the items.

Everything was ready. Wu Wei’s gaze fell on the Fire Controlling Alchemist and he issued an order.

“Allocate all the experience points obtained today to the [Fire Controlling Alchemist]!”

At the same time that Wu Wei gave this order, the experience points he obtained from killing Yu Ji, the Ten Attendants, the Lightning Controlling Cultivator Dao Soldier, and the Flying Elephant Dao Soldier increased by 10 times and were added to the Fire Controlling Alchemist.

After eating such a huge amount of experience points, the level of the 100 Fire Manipulation Alchemists instantly soared.

It had directly increased from Level 85 to Level 90!

While he was leveling up, Wu Wei was not idle either. He took out Level 90 Epic [Fire Seed Talismans] one after another..

My Runes Can Be Upgraded - Chapter 937: Fire Seed Talisman, Fire Controlling Pill Master Advancement Free Read Online (2024)
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