Low Income Apartments and Affordable Housing For Rent in Santa Rosa, CA (2024)

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Discover affordable housing in Santa Rosa where there are 60+ housing opportunities based on income and household needs like accessible units for seniors or persons with disabilities. Find and apply to these low income apartments now.

Vista Sonoma Senior Apartments

1405 Townview Avenue, Santa Rosa, California 95405



Quail Run Apartments

1018 Bellevue Avenue, Santa Rosa, California 95407


Del Nido Apartments

850 Russell Avenue, Santa Rosa, California 95403



Bethlehem Towers

801 Tupper Sttreet, Santa Rosa, California 95404


Windham Village Apartments

1101 Prospect Ave, Santa Rosa, California 95409


Acacia Lane Senior Apartments

657 Acacia Lane, Santa Rosa, California 95409


Crossings on Aston

1536 John Richards Way, Santa Rosa, California 95404


Dutton Flats

214 W. 3rd St., Santa Rosa, California 95401


Jennings Court

1080 Jennings Ave, Santa Rosa, California 95401

The Humboldt Apartments

670 Seventh Street, Santa Rosa, California 95404


1 KASHMIR DR, Santa Rosa, California 94509


Ortiz Plaza

5360 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa, California 95403


Walnut Grove Apartments

450 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, California 95401

Vigil Light Apartments

1945 Long Dr, Santa Rosa, California 95405

Chelsea Gardens One and Two

1220 McMinn Ave, Santa Rosa, California 95407

Silvercrest Residence - Santa Rosa

1050 3rd Street, Santa Rosa, California 95404

Sonoma Creekside

74 Boas Dr , Santa Rosa, California 95409

Park Vue

2001 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa, California 95403

Grays Meadow

2324 Meadow Way, Santa Rosa, California 95404


Sonoma Gardens

700 Rodeo Ln, Santa Rosa, California 95407


How To Identify Affordable Housing in Santa Rosa, California

Look for program and preference badges on affordable apartment listings. These badges can help you identify the types of low income housing each apartment offers and if you may be eligbile for rental assistance or reduced rents.

Badge Description

switch_access_shortcutShort Wait

Low income apartments with no or short waiting lists.


Low income housing where the rent is subsidized and the renter pays only a portion of total rent.

real_estate_agentAccepts Vouchers

Apartments that accept Section 8 vouchers near you


Rental housing for seniors who are 55 (or sometimes 62) and older.

paymentIncome Based

Affordable apartments where the rent paid is based on renter income.


Meets Accessibilty Requirements of the Fair Housing Act, the ADA, or HUD policy.


Apartments for individuals or families with disabilities.

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The Hourly Wage Needed to Afford A Safe, Modest 2 Bed Apartment In Santa Rosa, California



(+181%) more than California minimum wage and


(+521%) more than the Federal minimum wage.

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What HUD offices serve Santa Rosa, California?

Public Housing Agencies operate federally assisted affordable housing programs at local levels on behalf of HUD. Notably, housing agencies are responsible for managing Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, Public Housing, and Project-Based Voucher waiting lists within their jurisdiction.

Sonoma County Housing Authority

Operates the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), Family Self-Sufficiency, Mainstream Voucher, Family Unification Program (FUP) programs for Santa Rosa, California.

City of Santa Rosa Housing Authority

Operates the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) programs for Santa Rosa, California.

Go to the California Public Housing and Low-Income Apartments Waiting Lists page for openings near Santa Rosa.

How many renters live in Santa Rosa, California?

The City of Santa Rosa has people living in households.

There are renters living in renter households in this City. Renters make up 42.36 percent of the population living in Santa Rosa.

What is the rental market like in Santa Rosa, California?

There are an estimated housing units in the Santa Rosa area. Of these, units are rental homes, making up percent of the housing market. For every renter household in Santa Rosa, California, there are 1.04 rental units.

What is the vacancy rate for rentals in Santa Rosa?

The rental vacancy rate in Santa Rosa is 2 percent. This is a lower than average vacancy rate. When rental vacancy rates are low there are fewer available units. Rents tend to be higher as more people compete for scarce housing.

How many rental units are in Santa Rosa for each bedroom size?

Occupied Rental Units by Size in Santa Rosa
Studio One-Bedroom Two-Bedroom Three-Bedroom Four+ Bedrooms
1,824 7,332 13,088 6,273 1,297

Occupied Rental Units by Size in Santa Rosa

A large number of apartments in Santa Rosa have two or fewer bedrooms. Seniors and young professionals especially may have more success finding an apartment that meets their needs.

How Much Is Rent in Santa Rosa

Depending on size, the Fair Market Rent - HUDs measurement of the cost of an average housing unit - ranges from $1,611 to $3,425. FMRs are updated annually by HUD for every city and county nationwide.

Bed Size 2024 Fair Market Rents
Studio $1,611
One BR $1,809
Two BR $2,377
Three BR $3,228
Four BR $3,425

2024 Fair Market Rents in Santa Rosa, California

How many units are rented at Fair Market Rent (FMR) in Santa Rosa?

Renters with a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher must select a home that is at or below the area’s Fair Market Rent. Markets with a large share of units above FMR tend to have longer search times to find a qualified unit, while those with a large share of units below FMR tend to have more choices and shorter search times. The share below FMR can vary by size of unit, as shown in the table below.

These are the approximate number of units renting below the FMR in this market:

Unit Size Count of Units Below FMR Percentage of Total Units Below FMR
Studio 985 54 percent
One BR 3,373 46 percent
Two BR 2,252 17 percent

Rental Units Below FMR in Santa Rosa, California

How many affordable rental units are in Santa Rosa?

There are a variety of federal affordable housing programs serving households in Santa Rosa, California including the following:

Federal Program Unit Count
Low Income Housing Tax Credit
Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance
Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly
Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities
Tracked Units by Federal Program in Santa Rosa, California

Rental units may be funded in part by multiple federal programs.

Income Based Apartments in Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa features 1,099 income based apartments. Tenants of income based apartments typically pay no more than 30% of their income towards rent and utilities.

Low Rent Apartments in Santa Rosa, California

There are 3,025 rent subsidized apartments that do not provide direct rental assistance but remain affordable to low income households in Santa Rosa.

Housing Choice Vouchers in Santa Rosa, California

On average, Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers pay Santa Rosa landlords $1,200 per month towards rent. The average voucher holder contributes $400 towards rent in Santa Rosa.

The maximum amount a voucher would pay on behalf of a low-income tenant in Santa Rosa, California for a two-bedroom apartment is between $2,139 and $2,615.

Sourced from federal housing data and AffordableHousingOnline.com research.

Affordable Housing Tip

Know your rights as a Section 8 tenant.

Some states and local governments have laws that protect renters with a Section 8 voucher who are looking for an available unit. Check your local laws.

What Renters Say About Us

Montana Love says:

"This is the greatest website I have ever used. It keeps you informed and updated on any place that has affordable housing. Thank you Affordable Housing Online!"

Low Income Apartments and Affordable Housing For Rent in Santa Rosa, CA (2024)


What is considered low income in Santa Rosa, CA? ›

Income Limits
Persons in Household30% Area Median IncomeVery Low Income (50% AMI) HOME Low
4 more rows

How to get low income housing in Sonoma County? ›

Contact the affordable housing properties directly to ask about availability, eligibility, and the application process. Get and submit the application OR put your name on a waiting list, if available. For other affordable housing opportunities in Sonoma County, you can go to the County of Sonoma website here.

How to get into low income housing in California? ›

A Public Housing Authority determines eligibility based on 1) annual gross income, 2) whether you qualify as elderly, a person with disabilities or as a family, and 3) U.S. citizenship or eligible immigration status. To apply, contact your local Public Housing Authority.

What is the payment standard for section 8 in Santa Rosa? ›

Voucher holders pay approximately 30–40% of their monthly income towards the rent.

What is low income in California for a single person? ›

Very-Low, Low and Moderate-Income Limits
Household SizeVery-Low IncomeModerate-Income
1$11,550 or less$19,301 - $30,850
2$13,200 or less$22,051 - $35,250
3$14,900 or less$24,801 - $39,650
4$16,550 or less$27,551 - $44,100
4 more rows

What is minimum wage in Santa Rosa? ›

Effective July 1, 2020, Santa Rosa implemented a $15/hour minimum wage ordinance in advance of the state minimum wage timeline. Per that ordinance, and reflecting the annual Bay Area CPI-W adjustment, starting January 1, 2024, the new minimum wage rate is $17.45 for all businesses regardless of size.

What state is the easiest to get low income housing? ›

These Are the 10 Best States for Housing Affordability
  • West Virginia.
  • Arkansas.
  • Mississippi.
  • Alabama.
  • Kentucky.
  • Oklahoma.
  • South Dakota.
  • North Dakota.
May 7, 2024

What is the most you can make on section 8? ›

FY 2024 Section 8 Income Limits (Effective 04/15/2024)
Number of PersonsExtremely Low Income 30% of MedianLow Income 80% of Median
1$ 29,150$ 77,700
2$ 33,300$ 88,800
3$ 37,450$ 99,900
4$ 41,600$ 110,950
4 more rows
Apr 15, 2024

What is considered low income in SLO County? ›

San Luis Obispo County Income Levels
Income Group (Percent of Median Income)1 Person Household5 Person Household
Very Low (50%)$29,150$44,950
Low (80%)$46,600$71,900
Median (100%)$58,250$89,850
Moderate (120%)$69,900$107,850
1 more row

How long is the wait for low income housing in California? ›

The housing director estimates that the average wait for Section 8 housing is 4-5 years. The waiting list for Public Housing is 2,000. The estimated wait for Public Housing is approximately one year. y Santa Cruz authorities estimate that families have a 6 year average wait for both Section 8 and Public Housing.

Can a single person qualify for Section 8 in California? ›

To be eligible for the Section 8 HCV Program, the household must be either a family or a single person whose income does not exceed the area limits set by HUD. Only applicants meeting Extremely Low and Very Low-Income standards are eligible for the HCV Program.

What is the low income program in California? ›

CALWORKS. CalWORKs is a public assistance program that provides cash aid and services to eligible families that have a child(ren) in the home. The program serves all 58 counties in the state and is operated locally by county welfare departments.

Can I buy a house with section 8 in California? ›

Section 8 is not only for renters. HUD also allows Section 8 tenants to pursue the dream of homeownership by utilizing their vouchers to purchase a home. If you meet these requirements, you can leverage your voucher as a method to build equity in your own home instead of passing along these funds to a landlord.

How much is a 2 bedroom section 8 voucher in MI? ›

Payment Standards by Voucher Bedroom Size
Voucher Bedroom SizePayment Standard
3 more rows

How do you calculate 30% of adjusted income? ›

Calculate the following values: 30 percent of Monthly Adjusted Income (divide the Adjusted Annual Income by 12 and multiply by 0.3) 10 percent of Monthly Gross Income (divide the Total Annual Income by 12 and multiply by 0.1)

What is low income in Bay Area California? ›

By Danielle Echeverria, Data ReporterUpdated June 23, 2023 11:37 a.m. The cost of living in the Bay Area means that a person earning less than $104,000 is considered low income.

What is the middle class income in Santa Rosa CA? ›

Using the Pew ratio and statistics from the American Community Survey, Santa Rosa residents are middle class if they earn between $42,012 and $125,410 for Palo Alto that boundary shifts up to $91,819 to $274,086.

How much do you need to make to live in Santa Rosa? ›

According to the website, residents in Santa Rosa need to earn $144,090 a year to live comfortably if paying a mortgage, and $103,870 a year if paying rent. Santa Rosa's median income is $84,823, which is $19,047 less than it takes to live comfortably for local renters.

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