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July 2019 Volume 21 Number 7 The Coventry Cat is the official publication of the Jaguar Association of New England From the President Chuck Centore . . . (JANE), a non-profit organization of Jaguar enthusiasts that is a regional chapter of the national Jaguar Clubs of North As June winds and communicated so well it was hardly America (JCNA). JANE is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. down, it has been noticeable where one left off and the JANE OFFICERS & COMMITTEE CHAIRS a month where others took over. These people really PRESIDENT Chuck Centore - 978.201.9782 extraordinary worked hard to make this a successful [emailprotected] people planned event. VP EVENTS Dean Saluti - 617-285-6565 and executed an From the voices of those who [emailprotected] extraordinary event attended, it was an extremely successful Co-VP MEMBERSHIP Jeanine Graf – 617-959-8987 for JANE Members. event. I want to personally extend my [emailprotected] If you missed or congratulations to the tour guides for the Marjorie Cahn – 617-285-6564 [emailprotected] could not attend the Hudson Valley things they did to make this event run so SECRETARY Tour, you really missed one of the best smoothly. I‘ll leave it to others to provide Bonnie Getz - 603.943.6400 [emailprotected] extended weekend events we have seen you with the details. TREASURER in many years. June also saw Tom Brady’s freshly Don Holden - 603.494.8958 [emailprotected] The Coordinators for the Hudson Valley minted XK120 Coupe take honors CONCOURS Tour demonstrated the kind of talent we (Museum Choice Award) at the British Car Daniel Graf - 617.216.9703 [emailprotected] have in our Club. Dave Moulton, who we Day at Larz Anderson. Others attending HEAD JUDGE all know as Editor of the Coventry Cat were Carl and Sing Hanson with their Aldo Cipriano - 508.320.1679 [emailprotected] and a shaker and mover when it comes beautiful XK120 Coupe, as well as Bill SLALOM to planning events, was the tour leader and Deb Richardson with their 1995 Rich Hanley - 508.317.3474 [emailprotected] along with Club Secretary Bonnie Getz. XJS (which won Best Jaguar). JANE was GlenMcLachlan - 508.202.3407 [emailprotected] Other teammates included Kevin and also present in numbers at the Bristol WEBMASTER Diane Murphy and Bob and Mary Beth Motorcar Festival this month, which British Marque Gosende, who all made contributions is produced by JANE member Mike TRAVELER CONTACT Gary Hagopian - 603.763.3093 Gaetano. [emailprotected] It really becomes harder and BOARD MEMBERS Ray Binder - John Brady - Marjorie Cahn harder to select the events you Chuck Centore - Aldo Cipriano - John Feng Bonnie Getz - Daniel Graf - Jeanine Graf may want to attend each month. Don Holden - Rich Kosinski Next month you will have more David Moulton - Kevin Murphy Gus Niewenhous - Dave Reilly choices with the Myopia Polo Dean Saluti - Jim Sambold Matches where riders compete THE COVENTRY CAT EDITOR David Moulton - 978.448.6828 for the JANE Jaguar Cup. This is [emailprotected] a JANE Tradition run by our own OFFICIAL COVENTRY CAT CERTIFIED COLUMNISTS Aldo Cipriano, who takes great Paul Bicknell - Marg Dennis pains to make this event perfect. Frank Grimaldi Tom Larsen - Brian McMahon People usually show up in turn COVER PHOTO of the century outfits while the Bonnie Getz PUBLISHER ladies sport their fashionable Post-Gazette newspaper hats of all shapes and sizes. Why CIRCULATION Marjorie Cahn – 617-285-6564 not give it a try this year? I know [emailprotected] you will be impressed if you do Send articles, info, and photos to: David Moulton - 978.448.6828 and you will have a great time [emailprotected] ADVERTISING as well! David Moulton - 978.448.6828 Stay safe and keep those Jags [emailprotected] An ad in The Coventry Cat a-runnin’. currently reaches over 350 households with excellent demographics. July 2019 3 The Coventry Cat June Events Dr. Dean Saluti, VP of Events Reminiscing . . . JANE at Bristol British Motorcar Festival (June 7-8) . . . It’s June - why is it raining? Last Our JANE Jags traveled to Bristol, RI for Michael Gaeta- month, I was listening to Jan and no’s Annual British Motorcar Festival. This year, Daniel and Dean singing “Dead Man’s Curve” Jeanine Graf’s early XK was in Concours Class, along with on Sirius XM Radio while driving Andy and Judy Picariello’s beautiful Allard. The Concours along in my Jag with a smile on Chief Judge was Aldo Cipriano, whose judging team included my face thinking about my “Brit- JANE’s Gus Niewenhous, Stu Forer, and Bob “Dean” Doyle. ish car youth.” What happened?! JANE member Jags filled each Jaguar Class – E-Types from Nearly the entire month of June Dave Deblois, Bill Braun, and Matt Mugherini, Glen Mc- was rained out. Lachlan’s early XK, Bill and Deb Richardson’s XJS, Joe Hill’s What made matters worse was that my Jag X-Type Vanden XJ, new member Craig Penardo’ s XJ, our “Jag Wag” (Estate Plas hit a pothole in downtown Boston that bent my wheel Wagon), etc. rim. Then I found out that my MGB needed a new master A highlight of the weekend was JANE’s Friday night dinner cylinder. Rain, British cars not drivable – what would Jan and at Bristol’s Pomodoro restaurant (our favorite – many of us Dean do? In 1966, Jan smashed his Corvette into a truck and would drive to Bristol just to eat there). Marjorie and I were was near death. Many years later, in the late 1980s, this rock joined by Jeanine and Daniel Graf, Adelaide and Bill Braun, duo went back on tour. So, OK, we can all beat adversities! David Zeller (with cowboy hat and Bentley), and Bruce Vild Well, it’s almost July, the sun is finally out, the Jag’s wheel and Faith Lamprey from the British Marque newspaper. rim is fixed, and Moss has supplied me with a master cyl- The calamari appetizer was served on a giant platter as was inder repair kit for my MGB. No, I don’t intend to install it the caprese salad. The gnocchi, made with ricotta rather myself (I’m inept!). But Jan and Dean did it again; they are than potato, were the best we ever had. The meat sauce an inspiration – “Surf City, here we come.” was legendary. Margie had it last year and will have it again next year. So, don’t ever miss Mike Gaetano’s Bristol British Motorcar Festival! JANE’s Spring Slalom (June 15) . . . On Saturday, June 15, we raced around orange cones in • Restoring XK model Jaguars for 40 years. our Jags with other marques at our Spring Slalom in Andover. An early report from David Zeller indicated there were more • Finest upholstery available. than 25 cars. Kudos again to Rich Hanley, Glen McLachlan • Our mail order upholstery kits have all the parts, and Paul Bicknell. even the hard to make ones and they fit; JANE’s Hudson Valley Tour, run by Dave Moulton, Kevin backed up by toll free installation support. Murphy, and Bob Gosende, has had outstanding reviews • Extensive Parts selection with mail order world-wide. come in via email after email. Real critics like Dick DeVito • Sensible mechanical and performance upgrades. and Tom Larsen have said that this was one of the best JANE • We also work with many other European marques. events ever. The emails credit the planning and leadership from Cat Editor, Dave Moulton, who “didn’t miss a detail.” British Car Day at Larz Anderson Auto Museum (June 23)…. On Sunday, June 23, if you were not on the Hudson Valley trip or came back early, you were probably at the Larz An- derson Auto Museum British Car Day with your Jag. JANE member Jason Fennessey reported that Tom Brady again received the Museum Choice Award trophy, while Deb and Bill Richardson won Best Jaguar, and Ken Lemoine won Best Mini. Carl and Signe Hanson were also there with their XK120 Bassett’s Coupe Blue Moon. PO Box 245 Wyoming, Rhode Island 02898, USA So, check out the website and the Cat for the schedule of Tel: +1-401-539-3010 • E-mail: [emailprotected] July events. I will see you there, along with Jan and Dean. I’ll be driving the Jag. 4 The Coventry Cat July 2019 Membership Update Your Co-Vice Presidents of Membership Share Some Thoughts by Marjorie Cahn and Jeanine Graf, Co-VPs of Membership JANE membership continues to Margie has known JANE member grow. 245 of you have either renewed Brigadier General Michael Finer for or joined as new members this year. If over 25 years. Margie’s husband, you have not yet renewed, it’s never Dean Saluti, influenced Mike in two too late – just call Marjorie Cahn important aspects of his life. First, he (617-285-6564) or Jeanine Graf (617- convinced Michael to transfer from the 959-8987) and we’ll sign you right up. Army Reserve to the National Guard, In the last few months, the following where he moved quickly through people have become new members of the ranks from Captain to Brigadier JANE: Robert Sweet, Donald Latham, General. Second, he convinced Mike and Bryan Woodhouse. Welcome, Marjorie Cahn and Jeanine Graf to become a Jaguar aficionado. Mike new members. We look forward to seeing you at our currently drives a beautiful black 2012 XJL. In return, upcoming events. Michael has been our personal and business CPA and MEMBER SPOTLIGHT financial advisor, and, most importantly, our good friend. Brigadier General Michael Finer About Mike – he is considered to be “Wealth Manager to the Stars.” His clients include professional sports celebrities, TV newscasters, authors, Hollywood producers, and even the inventor of “Mr. Coffee,” as well as many nonprofits, museums, and community organizations. Mike served as a Combat Infantry Battalion Commander (1000 soldiers!) in Iraq, and in the U.S., he commanded a battalion deployed to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, saving countless lives. Mike has two children. His daughter Lizzy, a University of Rochester grad, does medical research for the VA and intends to begin medical school next year. His son, Alex, a recent Milton Academy graduate (like his sister), will be attending American University in the fall. Our only complaint with Mike is that his demanding wealth management business and military career leave him little time for JANE events. However, we are very proud to have him as a JANE member. Margie – 617-285-6564 Jeanine – 617-959-8987 [emailprotected] [emailprotected]

“CARS FOR SALE: Barry Montgomery’s extensive collection of Jaguars and other cars . Running cars, some under repair, and parts cars. A complete list is being assembled via Excel spreadsheet with some JANE member U.S. Army Brigadier General Michael photos. Barry’s son Andrew will be here in July and Finer, shown here in Israel, where he participated August to facilitate sales. in international readiness planning, representing For now, contact Dave Moulton (d19@moultonlabs. our Army National Guard. com or 978-448-6828) for a preliminary list.

July 2019 5 The Coventry Cat A Member Reports from Paris Retromobile, 2019 By Marguerite Dennis “The universe is made up of stories, not atoms.” - Muriel Rukeyser, Poet Paris is known throughout the world Nascosto, a car married to innovation as the city of lights. It should also be and the future. known as the city of classic cars, so far The featured marque of this year’s as I’m concerned. From February 6th Retromobile was Citroen, a giant in through February 10th, at the Paris the history of French cars, celebrating Porte de Versailles exhibition hall, more its 100th anniversary. Beginning with than 620 exhibitors, 1,000+ cars, 120 car a 1919 Citroen Type A-10HP, to a 2019 clubs, 60 artists, and 132,000 people C5 Aircross SUV, the Citroen display participated in Retromobile, 2019. was by far the star of this year’s Retromobile. Andre Citroen was both a pioneer and a visionary. In addition to the cars he designed and built, Citroen was also a talented marketer. He was one of the first people to use the Eiffel Tower to advertise his cars. Francois Melcion, manager of From 1925 to 1934, Parisians could Retromobile, meets with the author. see models of Citroens on the tower’s Lovers of British cars would not be three sides. disappointed in this year’s Retromo- The largest indoor classic car show I am a lover of all things Jaguar. I bile displays of British cars. A 1928 Al- in the world, Retromobile began always thought the classy and classic vis 12/50 FWD, the first car with front in 1976 and for the past 44 years lines of the XK 120, 140 and 150 could wheel drive, was parked alongside a has chronicled the history of the never be matched. But I was wrong. display of Morgan roadsters. A 1954 worldwide automotive community, If there was a contest for the best in Jaguar XK 120, in the original color, from lorries to tanks to motorcycles show, a 1965 Citroen Cabriolet d’Usine yellow green, was nearby. and to most of the classic cars convertible, white with a grey interior, designed in Britain, France, Germany would surely win. The design of this and Italy. Private collectors, museums, car and of all the other Citroens in foundations, and car clubs throughout this private collection are a testament the world participate in this event. For to cars fueled by imagination and lovers of classic cars, car restorers, car reflecting the elegance of their times. sellers and auction houses, there is no People waiting in line to get closer to better venue. these cars must have agreed with me, Aston Martins, Alfa Romeos, because the wait time was more than Bentleys, BMWs, Bugattis, Citroens, 30 minutes. 1928 Alvis 12/50 FWD Ferraris, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Retromobile’s consultant and Lancias, Land Rovers, Maseratis, manager of the event for 44 years, This year also marked the 60th Mercedes, Porsches, Renaults, Francois Melcion, told me that these anniversary of the Mini Cooper and and Skodas all share space on the cars were lent to the exhibition by to celebrate the event’s organizers exhibition hall floors as did the most a private collector to celebrate the devoted one section of an exhibition dramatic car, in my opinion, in the 100th anniversary of the Citroen and hall to these cars. exhibition: Marcello Gandini’s Genio will not be displayed again. (Continued on page 7) 6 The Coventry Cat July 2019 Paris (Continued from page 6) The asking price for a 1958 Jaguar XK 150 Roadster was 178,000 euros. A 1959 Austin Healey BN4 Cabriolet was 85,000 euros. A 1960 MGA 1600 Coupe cost only 47,500 euros.

1920 Hispano Suiza Two other French cars, next to the Hispano Suiza, with similar lines and Happy 60th Anniversary, Minis! elegance, a Delahaye and Delage, Again, another walk through time. are both examples of elegant French 1960 MGA I was impressed by the earliest uses design. of these cars, the functionality, and Of the 250-300 classic cars for sale the nod to history, during and after under 25,000 euros, 75% where sold World War II. during the show. But a 1956 Austin Healey ‘M-Le Mans’ had no listed price. A serious buyer would have to privately negotiate with the seller. Although there was no asking price for this car, I would have purchased a black and maroon Charleston Citroen. 1949 Delahaye 135M The Delage club, Les Amis de DELAGE, has resolved to rebuild the mythic DELAGE V12 Labourette, and A flight of Minis re-introduce the car to the racing circuit again, just as it did in 1937. British car clubs were well repre- Serious buyers and classic car en- sented in this year’s Retromobile. thusiasts come to Retromobile either Stopping at the booths of the French to add to their collection or to sell Citroen 2CV Charleston Jaguar Club, the MG Club of France, from their collection. One dealer told Club Healy, the Morgan Club, the Rov- If you wanted to buy vintage or me that several million-dollar cars er Club, and the Vintage American Car period clothing, electrical parts, were sold on the first two days of the Club made me feel right at home. It model cars, auto books, works of art, exhibition. But there were also many is amazing how these cars can unite a club shirts, or classic car parts, there affordable cars for sale. The price for diverse group of people. The common were booths to meet your needs a 1933 MG Midget, was 72,000 euros. thread is the appreciation of these and fancy. I could have completely wonderful cars. outfitted myself for Goodwood Revival Viewers of the Australian detective with the many vintage clothing series, Miss Fisher, would not be booths I passed. disappointed with the 1920 display No single article or picture can model of a Hispano Suiza, an elegant adequately capture the richness or car whether on the screen or on an breadth of Retromobile. You would exhibition floor. have to see the displays, the unusual cars, not to mention the wildly 1933 MG J2 Midget Continued on page 8 July 2019 7 The Coventry Cat HELP WANTED Letting the Cat Out Of The Bag! By Your Humble Editor, Dave Chuck Centore, our President, And I kept trying to re-submit old stories, restoration projects, driving suggested to me the other day that it columns, hoping the editor wouldn’t adventures, concours prep, cheating would be nice to have some columnists notice, because I really and truly had while racing, Jaguar history, car shows, write for the Coventry Cat. I agree. Chuck nothing else left to say! (His only critique, car collecting and favorite restaurant isn’t the only one to get sick of my writing when I asked, was that my work seemed reviews, as well as anything else that – how do you think I feel, having to read extremely consistent, month after might occur to any of you. so much of my own stupid stuff in the month. Which he thought was good, I So, if you have any knowledge whatso- Cat every month? Besides that, I hate think. At least the checks cleared.) ever regarding any of those topic areas to work! And here is where Chuck had a really (you’re even allowed to jump around), you Being a columnist, though, is actually a bright idea. “We’ll get lots of columnists may be, and probably are, one of several lot of fun. I know. I was one for 15 years. from the membership, and alternate persons that are right for us! Help! Aside from the free lunches and trips, them,” he said. “That way, they won’t I’ll even help you. When you’re stuck (it bribes and ridiculous amounts of swag, run out of things to say and I won’t get happens, usually right after the second as a columnist, you become an instant sick of listening to them nearly as quickly. column), I’ll prepare a cheat sheet for certified and celebrated public authority Whaddaya think, Davey?” (He always you, and all you have to do is fill in the on whatever it is you think you’d like to calls me Davey – I have no idea why.) blanks and collect your check. I’ll clean write about. Talk about power. It feels So here’s the deal: YOU can become up all the worst grammatical errors and really good! Ask any current or former an Official Coventry Cat Certified spelling and, best of all, give you all the member of the White House staff. Columnist, with all the rights, privileges credit! The only problem is all the work you and appurtenances attached thereto. That’s the pitch. I hope you will consider have to do. A thousand words, every Send me a column (1,000 words, +/- joining publisher Pam Donnaruma and stinkin’ month! It’s brutal, especially after 500) every three or four months (this is me in this rather fun enterprise we have the second month, when you discover, easily negotiable, and also dependent come to call “Getting The Cat Out While much to your horror, that you have now on the number of Official Coventry Cat In The Bag.” You probably know how to written about everything you know, and Certified Columnists currently active on contact me. Now is your big chance! have no further ideas about what our growing and illustrious roster). Thanks for considering it. to say in your next Column, which is Topics that Chuck and I are looking/ “Carson, another Julep, please!” due in about an hour and eleven minutes. hoping/praying for include but are not I know the feeling. I was a columnist. limited to: racing, favorite speeding ticket My 1991 Classic Collection Jaguar XJS V12 5.3 Coupe runs and drives great Lots of documented maintenance since Paris (Continued from page 7) new includes: recent front rotors and enthusiastic crowds, to understand pads, suspension, and a new fuel pump. Contact me with any questions. why I believe this is truly the best See Hemmings Ad for more pictures: indoor classic car venue in the world. When I asked Francois Melcoin, who classifieds/cars-for-sale/jaguar/ managed Retromobile for 44 years, xjs/2115089.html what made this car show so special his answer was simple: “First, it is because we are located in Paris and that is a big draw for car enthusiasts and collectors and second, we want to show the public things they have An Avions Voisin Price: $7,500, negotiable never seen before.” Race Car Contact John Maccarone You have succeeded, Francois. You 401 524-7859 certainly have succeeded.. [emailprotected]

8 The Coventry Cat July 2019 The 2019 Deerfield Valley Tour

Dave Moulton and Bonnie Getz, Tour Guides restaurants including Wolfie’s (good a delightful historical town (if you’ve road food), Primo Pizzeria (you never been to Deerfield, you are in for guessed it: pizza) and Damn Yankees quite a treat!). We expect everybody (highly regarded upper-middle-class to get to the Inn by around 4 PM. barbecue). co*cktails and lies are at 5, dinner is After lunch, the route goes on to at 6, while awards and official lies explore some really interesting and will be dispensed around 7. You are beautiful roads (none are dirt) in welcome to stay over, or you can drive Do you like to drive? Especially on the area informally known as the back to Boston in the evening (I’ve the roads less travelled, the ones that Deerfield Valley. Bonnie Getz and I done this numerous times). Given the Robert Frost noticed make all the couldn’t believe how nice the roads quality of the restaurant, tavern and difference? If so, this tour is for you! were as we explored the area, and accomodations, staying over has an On Saturday, September 7th, we hope you enjoy driving over our awful lot to recommend it. So does are holding another pure-pleasure favorite choices as much as we did. hanging around for another day. I driving tour, the Deerfield Valley Tour, have done both of these too, and through some remarkably beautiful, have really enjoyed them. The place quite remote countryside in central is great! Massachusetts. Most of the roads will be unfamiliar, but, boy, are they fun to drive! There are almost no traffic lights and hardly any towns for the last 75 miles, just lightly travelled winding back roads going up, down, over and/ There are no traps to confuse or through hills, dales, the occasional you, make you paranoid or throw mountain and/or small gorge, mostly you off course, and the route near the Deerfield River, artistically instructions include both total and arranged for your driving pleasure, from-previous-instruction mileages, The entry fee is $65 per person, with enough adventurous moments plus road identifications at every which includes dinner (drinks are to keep you laughing and talking turn instruction, all designed to keep extra, sadly). Worthy of note, the bar about them for months afterward. you on course. Believe it or not, we has an excellent selection of single- We’ll be starting between are trying to make getting lost really malt scotches (they were the ones 10 and 11 AM, from the Johnny hard to do. This event is supposed to who introduced me to Mortlach, for Appleseed Visitors’ Center on Route be fun, easy and delightful country instance). 2 (Westbound, just west of Exit 35) in driving that you will remember and So, we hope to see you at Johnny Lancaster, MA. Total distance of the look forward to doing again and Appleseed’s place between 10 and event is around 140 miles, of which maybe even again. Ahhhh! 11 AM on Saturday, September 7th. the first 30 miles are Easy Peasy Lemon To keep you from getting bored, We need 15 cars to register by Squeezy (that’s a technical term, however, there will also be some July 31st in order to hold the event, meaning really not very difficult), silly questions to puzzle out and and are capping the entry at 23 cars. traveling west on Route 2. Then you answer, and prizes (really nice ones, Please register on-line as soon as you enter the woods. actually) will be handed out to the reasonably can, and book a room After 30 miles of idyllic forest best answerers. at the Inn if you want to stay over meandering, there will be a leisurely The event will end at the Deerfield (mention JANE when you call them lunch stop in South (you guessed it) Inn ( in historic at 413-774-5587). Deerfield, where there are numerous Deerfield, MA. It’s a really nice hotel in This is gonna be fun!

July 2019 9 The Coventry Cat Edward the E-Pace:A Review

By Bonnie Getz (photos with apologies) A few weeks ago, I took the plunge The comparatively large cargo area myself with the builds and options. I and bought a new Jaguar, an E-Pace was also diminished by the curved figured the only affordable E-Paces to be exact. My friend Dave, who is hatch opening design. Handling was available were going to be used ones. always complaining he doesn’t have precise but the ride was a bit firm on Jaguar Peabody offered a couple of enough articles for the Coventry Cat, 19” wheels. Recalls and reliability were possible cars, so, accompanied by my immediately got on my case about also a worry. The car just did not suit friend Dave, I set off to Jaguar Peabody writing an article describing the me. I kept it a month before selling it for a test drive. adventure. He promised me fame and back to the dealer. What struck me first, when I saw fortune, but you all know how those I then bought a 2014 Subaru Forester it, were its looks. Yes, it looks like things go, right? Whatever. Limited. The co*ckpit was comfortably an SUV, but Jaguar made it a slick- Why, you ask? Why an E-Pace? familiar and still offered large windows looking SUV, thanks to the direction Well, I had run out of options in the and a big sunroof. of Jaguar’s design chief Ian Callum. My search to replace my deteriorating, but research had already revealed Jaguar’s beloved, loyal, do-it-all go-anywhere deplorable limited color options for 2008 Subaru Forester Premium. the E-Pace. Red or Black seemed the only choices for me. Jaguar does supply a nice interior with stitching mimicking that of the F-type. When I got in the car, luxury and comfort were my first impressions. There were plenty of adjustments A 2014 Subaru Forester Limited available for the seat and steering The newer Subie’s interior and wheel. Having driven my friend Dave’s ride were comfortable, but I hated F-Pace, I was slightly familiar with the the throttle tip, which made smooth push-button start and the shifter. Off starts impossible. The car felt HUGE, we went: I was immediately delighted That’s my friend Theresa, with Subie, (actually, it was!) The size had increased with just how smooth and EASY the in the good old days! from 176.6” x 68.3” x 65” in 2008 to E-Pace drove. There were no throttle- I did not want to exceed Subie’s 65” 180” x 70.7” x 68.2”. I often “caught” tip jerks to the neck with this car! height, and less height was better if I curbs in tight turns and was never Handling, acceleration and braking wanted to load a kayak - or two. (On comfortable parking it! I kept it a year were all great. Cargo area was roomy. one trip, we actually got three boats while I searched for a better choice. This cat is friendly! on top!) I investigated the Honda CRV, but Unfortunately, Peabody did not So, I traded my faithful Forester for a the interior felt cramped; in the Honda have a car that suited me. They are 2016 Audi Q3 Prestige. The Audi was a HRV, the windows were too small; a a good dealership and followed up beautiful car with some nice features, Mazda was short on features; wagons nicely, without the usual hard-sell but had cramped driver ingress/ from Volvo and Jaguar were too and pestering. But I was looking for egress, intimidating electronics and LOOOng and expensive; the Porsche an E-Pace that had lumbar support. unfriendly driver interfaces. Macan was out of my price range, ditto For what I think should be a standard for the F-Pace and, also, they were too feature, Jaguar charges a seat upgrade big. I then test drove a new Subaru costing $1065.50, which was a little Crosstrek and, aside from a cramped breathtaking. and cheap interior, the brakes and Most New England dealers offer handling actually felt dangerous! the base model with the “Climate Then, one day, while browsing Package,” but some of them increase the Jaguar website, I discovered the their car’s price with “gravy” options E-Pace. I had never seen one, but (for them, that is) that add little real My short-lived 2016 Audi Q3 Prestige the size looked promising. I “built” a value. It was hard to find the car I Quattro couple of versions online to familiarize wanted at a good price. (Continued on page 11) 10 The Coventry Cat July 2019 Hudson Valley (Continued from page 10)

Jaguar Exeter advertised a couple roads and David had fun seeing how things, blathering on about the loss of of E-Paces that were possibilities, so I the car performed. Even on dirt, the control when you let them operate. It’s made an appointment with them for ride and handling are civilized, unless a guy thing, I guess. a test drive. They gave me the “top you request otherwise! Dave, aka “the So, worthy though they may be, dog” model, the R-Dynamic HSE, to devil,” initiated me into the delights of but influenced by that ridiculous test drive. (What’s an old lady like me Dynamic and Sport modes with paddle macho orthodoxy, I figured I would doing in this “bad” Black Package car? shifting. What fun! Thank you, Dave, just immediately turn them off, just Aside from enjoying it immensely, that you devil you. to get rid of the static from Dave if is! Bad! Bad Bonnie!) My dog Josie, my friend Dave and nothing else. I spent the afternoon being shown I recently added some nice break-in Not so, it turns out. The headlights all the gadgets and cool things. I was miles to Edward while participating and wipers have been on “Auto” pleased that the ride on the 20” in a British Cars of New Hampshire since day one. I occasionally use the wheels was comfortable. Upon return Waterfall and Covered Bridge Tour. “Follow” mode which automatically from the drive, I said it was really a Edward acquitted himself in a very adjusts your speed to keep a safe terrible shame that I couldn’t afford gentlemanly fashion, even while distance from the car in front. I find the such a nice car. Sitting in the office, negotiating off-road parking areas. We lane-keeping only a slight annoyance we talked it around a bit and after a rode really comfortably all day. and will use it for now. Conversely, while and some polite conversation, As far as the Jaguar family the blind spot warning in the side the negotiations got down to a price resemblance goes, Edward cannot, of mirrors is too subtle. And the I could afford—just barely. Voila! I course, be compared to my classic XKs. autonomous parking spooks me! had just bought my first new car in He is quite a different beast. Rather Creepy!! 19 years! than purring or growling, his silent, So, Edward has a lot of good qualities. adroit, sure-footed prowess brings to I particularly like his excellent road mind a live Jaguar on the hunt. manners, his comfort, his power, the beautiful black-blue metallic paint, and his really nice interior. On the downside, I don’t care for his fixed sunroof (I’m an open car gal!) and less than inspirational gas mileage. Meanwhile, Edward is becoming Dazed new E-Pace owner. a member of the family, and I think The devil made me do it! this may be a long and rewarding friendship. Right now, I wish I could Two days after buying it, I brought my drive him more, but it’s the season newly named “Edward” to my friend I was a little concerned, also, with for James (my E-Type) and Grace Dave’s house on a rainy afternoon. the threat of modern “nannies” (my Mark II), and a girl’s gotta do Using his F-Pace experience, he helped interfering with my driving. You know, what a girl’s gotta do. Nevertheless, set up preferences ranging from audio lane-keeping assist, autonomous Edward is a very welcome new to suspension and safety. We took emergency braking, and so on. And my member of what is now an all-Jaguar Edward on some winding country friend Dave is such a pill about those family.

Introducing: Bannister the Barrister on Cars, Places, and the Law By Barry Bannister, Barrister Barry Bannister, our kindly Barrister, gently explains to us the law as it exists in various places to which JANE members and their automobiles may or may not travel. Why? Just in case . . . This month, Barry explains to us that in Alabama, it is illegal to drive while wearing a blindfold. Thanks, Barry. Now we know. We look forward to next month. Adapted from the website AutoWise: Crazy Traffic Laws From the U.S. and Around the World by Nikola Potrebić Updated on June 1, 2019.

July 2019 11 The Coventry Cat 2019 Spring Slalom Report By Dave Moulton, photos by Bonnie Getz, Dave Moulton the course dwindled, accompanied by much cheering for each successful run, and times dropped steadily for the back of the field, even while the leaders couldn’t manage to improve.

Starter Glen McLachlan points out the first pylon to Bill Hastings in his John Loring in Viper #94 waits for lovely 1961 E-Type. the green flag. Twenty-six cars were entered in JANE’s Spring Slalom this year, a wel- come increase over last fall’s event. It was a lovely day, bright and sunny but with a cool breeze to keep us all Larry Shields in BuhBye, hard at comfortable. Cars ranged from Bill work. Hasting’s beautiful 1961 E-Type to Jill Libby’s Subaru WRX to Rich McCurdy’s 2003 Lotus Esprit V8. Many interest- Ari Check has his Ford Focus RS ing cars. really moving here. Run 2 settled things for the day, early on. Bob Totten bettered his time down to 40.681, which became fastest time of the day. Larry Shields was right behind him at 40.960, and Paul Bicknell, showing what an XF John Loring clocked in at 42.307. And can do. that’s how it ended up – the rest of the day we all just had fun! Jill Libby hustles her Subie WRX down toward the STOP box.

Bonnie Getz in her E-Type, getting Bob Totten’s Spitfire at the ready, as ready for yet another assault on her personal 50-second threshold! Rich McCurdy prepares to launch always. the really handsome Lotus toward And the rest of us? Well, us the first gate. mid-fielders were thrashing about The first run saw Bob Totten in his in the mid-40s, while the older cars Triumph Spitfire set the pace with a were in the low 50s and our very wel- 40.681, while John Loring (Dodge Vi- come newcomers were still figuring per) was second fastest, with a very out the course and beginning to learn respectable 42.220. Ari Check was how to do this bizarre but education- Honda hybrids can make swell third fastest at 43.155 in his Ford al exercise with both grace and pace. slalom competitors, as Perry Engle Focus RS, trailed by Larry Shields at As the day wore on, the number of demonstrates in his Honda CRZ! 43.855 plus a pylon. disqualifications for getting lost on (Continued on page 13) 12 The Coventry Cat July 2019 Spring Slalom (Continued from page 12)

Thumbs up from Joe Hill in his John Hall (we think) is setting up for Jens Griem is ready to boogie in his Camaro Z28. the Figure-8 in his MGA. Porsche 911.

See you in the fall!

The official overall results are:

And David Zeller, our Hagerty Car # Fastest Insurance rep, begins to get the Place Name Car time hang of it in his XK8! 1 Robert Totten Triumph Spitfire 65 40.542 2 Larry Shields Corvette 63 40.960 3 John Loring Dodge Viper 94 42.220 4 Ari Check Ford Focus RS 2 43.155 5 Eitan Check VW R 3 43.618 6 David Moulton 2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S 5 44.832 7 Hristos Gianopoulos Fiat 500 6 44.961 FOR SALE: JAGUAR MARK X 8 Jesse Loring Mazda Miata 15 45.088 DONOR CAR 9 Paul Bicknell 2015 Jaguar XF 1 45.162 It is in very rough condition but essentially complete, engine, 10 Jens Griem Porsche 911 13 45.236 transmission, rear end, etc. Rust- 11 Jill Libby Subaru WRX 11 45.631 wise it is almost certainly only a 12 Ben Turcotte Subaru WRX 9 46.372 donor car only. $500 or best offer. Car is in Charlton, MA. 13 Rich McCurdy 2003 Lotus Esprit V8 23 46.461 Contact John Zaghi (508 341 7330) 14 Ricardo Raphael 2015 Jaguar XER 4 46.949 or [emailprotected]. 15 Steve Eastridge Chevy SS 7 46.972 16 Bonnie Getz 1967 Jaguar E-Type 19 50.017 For sale: 1998 Jaguar 17 Perry Engle Honda CRZ 22 50.360 Vanden Plas four- 18 Justin Hall MGA 18 50.885 door sedan. The color 19 Ken Schmitt Chevy Camaro 10 51.542 is metallic tan. It has 20 David Lewis Dodge Shelby GLHS 127 51.618 eight cylinders and the manuals are with the car. It has four new 21 John Hall MGA 12 52.261 rotors, a year old, new front brakes and 22 Joseph Hill Chevy Camaro Z28 8 52.705 a box of unopened rear brake pads. New 23 David Zeller 2001 Jaguar XK8 17 56.911 filter and synthetic oil changed. The car 24 Bill Hastings 1961 Jaguar E-Type 20 62.257 has 140,000 miles. It needs an oxygen 25 Elliott Check Porsche Boxster 21 62.562 sensor and I have a diagnostic print- 26 Paul Guimond Corvette 16 63.459 out. It may need new gasket. Selling to a mechanical Jaguar enthusiast would be ideal. My email is [emailprotected]. Phone 508-561-4648. Best offer.

July 2019 13 The Coventry Cat 2019 Calendar of Events Here is what JANE has planned (in bold) for the rest of 2019, plus some other events we usually enjoy as well. Our monthly meeting dates are firm, as is almost everything else. So go ahead and write them in using ink now, to make your calendar look impressively busy and connected, as well as guaranteeing some serious fun along the way! July 24 Wednesday - 7PM JANE Monthly Meeting, Cars on the Lawn Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA

July 28 Sunday - 12:30PM JANE at Myopia Polo Club Matches South Hamilton, MA

August 4 Saturday - 9:30AM Vintage Racing Charity Concourse Sanbornton, NH

August 9-11 - Fri. - Sun. JANE Annual Concours Sturbridge, MA

August 17 - Saturday - 9AM-3PM Lions Club Charity Car Show Amherst, NH

August TBA TBA (Tentative) JANE Clambake and Pool Party Salem, MA

September 7 - Saturday - 10AM JANE Deerfield Valley Tour Start in Lancaster, MA

September 13-15 - Fri. - Sun. 29th Annual British Invasion Stowe, VT

September 25 - Wednesday - 7PM JANE Monthly Meeting, Speaker: TBA Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA

September 28 - Saturday - 9AM JANE Autumn Slalom North Andover, MA

September 29 - Sunday - 9AM-2PM 8th Annual Boston Cup Boston Common, Boston, MA

October 23 - Wednesday - 7PM JANE Monthly Meeting, Speaker: TBA Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA

November 20 - Wednesday 7PM JANE Monthly Meeting, Speaker: Steve Pickford, the Innkeeper Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA

December 1 - Sunday - 3PM JANE AGM and Holiday Party (location TBA)

A Member Shares . . . LUCAS, PRINCE OF DIM HUMOUR Puns For Educated Minds (Laughibus Minimus Luminorum) by Tom Larsen JOKE FOR JULY Pun 1: Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. By Mel (not her real name) Pun 2. Atheism is a non-prophet organization. Editor’s note: For those of you who do not know, Prince Lucas has brought the same dim standards of performance to humour that he Pun 3. Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. has to electrical systems. One hat said to the other: “You stay here; I’ll go on a head. What word in the English Language is always spelled incorrectly? Editor’s warning: More of these may be on the way . . . See the From The Top Of The Scratching Post for an answer.

JAGFIX.COM . Restoration . Maintenance . Engine rebuilding . Tune ups . Brakes . Pickup/delivery

Wes Keyes 207-363-5338 York, Maine [emailprotected]

14 The Coventry Cat July 2019 all parts JAGUAR.


We specialize in Stock, Performance and Restoration parts for all Jaguar models - from the XK120 to the 2016 Jaguar F-Type.



Building the Future of Classic Jaguar.

Moss Motors has taken the reigns of XKs Unlimited. This means a renewed commitment to quality parts and expertise for your Jaguar. Call or visit and see what’s new.

XK120, 140, 150 / E-Type / Early Saloons / XJ6/XJS / XK8 / Late Models Get our parts catalogs on a FREE CD, or view them online. 800-444-5247 | | [emailprotected]

July 2019 15 The Coventry Cat Special Participating Club offer! British JANE members: Subscribe to our print or Marque on-line edition, and get 37% off — and place CAR CLUB NEWS FREE classified ads! One year (11 issues), print: $16 (non-member rate $26) One year (11 issues), on-line: $12 (non-member rate $19) Go to our website today and download a free sample copy! * Routine service to full diagnostics and Enthusiast Publications, LLC • 5 Old Nasonville Rd., Harrisville, RI 02830 • (401) 766-6920 rebuilds of all British and European late model cars * Minor project work to full concours- winning restorations * Safe, clean and dry storage * Consignment sales of collectible cars * Performance improvements for street use * Full race preparation, track support and transport of all foreign and domestic vintage cars Home of the Jaguar Racing XKEs 4 Holmes Road Tel. (413) 499-6000 Lenox, MA 01240 Fax (413) 499-6699 [emailprotected]

S A L E S * S E R V I C E * R E S T O R A T I O N M O T O R C A R S I N C O R P O R A T E D 333 Cooke Street * Plainville, CT 06062 2004 JAGUAR X-TYPE 3.0 AWD

Nice Silver with Black Leather. This is a one-owner truly immaculate vehicle. Loaded with the 17 inch Alloys, Rear Drop Down Seats, Power Heated Seats, Day/Night Mirror, Digital Climate Control with Key-Less Entry and Factory Alarm, and just so much more and so much Value. 80K mi. and this AWD is the Perfect All year Round and mostly a Great Winter vehicle.

Motorcars Incorporated. Jaguar Sales, Service, and Restoration since 1977. 800-899-1055 For multiple pictures and other inventory:

28 The Coventry Cat November 2017 November 2017 The Coventry Cat 29 16 The Coventry Cat July 2019 From the Top Of The Scratching Post Rough Going In The Jungle these Days Here are got a highly regarded new CEO (Carlos maybe, and manually driven ones for the a bunch of Tavares). It might be a very good fit, if masses). That’s still a lotta cars and a lotta fairly im- Tata really wants to get rid of JLR (not a internal combustion! portant Jag- sure thing). Maybe the US can be a safe Will there be a place, in that crowded, uar news haven for JLR, at least for the SUVs. And busy and frantic world, for a car/POD headlines, the BMW partnership could be a very company based on an upmarket mix taken from good thing as well. of luxury, performance and capacity just the last Meanwhile, JLR engineering proceeds covering autonomy, EVs and traditional month, with apace, with innovation in electric cars, cars – Grace, Pace and Space for varying a few paren- autonomous cars, ergonomics, inter- upper middle class preferences? Could thetical com- nal-combustion cars, very high-perfor- be – no reason to rule it out. Especial- ments stuck in: mance cars and so on. JLR appears to ly for a company as adept at survival, • Jaguar Land Rover’s Owner (Tata) be a vibrant, active company with a lot engineering and branding as Jaguar has Wants Someone Else to Help Fix the on their plate. And while the press has proved to be over the almost 90 years of Business written off diesels, my sense is that JLR its existence. We’ll see. • PSA Group (Peugeot & Citroen), has an excellent one and there may still One other thing: Rest In Peace, Norman Always on the Prowl, Has One Eye on be a profitable niche for it at 50+ mpg. Dewis. Some call you Mr. Jaguar! Jaguar Land Rover Meanwhile, JLR is busy covering all of Closer to home, it’s summer now. Af- • USA to the Rescue? Jaguar Land their bets with ongoing work across a ter recovering from the Hudson Valley Rover Banks on American Excess During broad array of automotive technologies. Tour (details of that adventure will be Troubled Times (Uh-oh!) All of JLR’s eggs are NOT going into one provided next month), we look forward • CEO of Embattled Jaguar Land Rover basket. That’s a good thing! to a peaceful and serene July, with our Explains the Road Ahead (interesting) What we don’t know about, of course, Jags effortlessly lolling on the Lawns of • Jaguar’s J-Pace (their 4th SUV, due in are sales. What is selling, where and to Wayside and Myopia, accompanied by 2021) Gradually Takes Shape whom? Can JLR move the cars it needs hors d’oeuvres, champagne, Marvin’s fin- • Jaguar to End XJ Production; Compa- to in order to survive today, next month, est and whatever the Wayside’s kitchen ny Promises a Resurrection (a very good, next year? Who knows? Just so you know, sees fit to rustle up for us on a pleasant very very handsome car comes to its end) the boo-birds are all crowing about an summer evening. Once again, the livin’ • Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Hot’ New Idea: imagined “peak of cars” having just will be easy. We’ll see you next to the Sensory Steering Wheels (interesting occurred and an inexorable slide in car polo ponies as well as hanging around ergonomic design idea) sales of 3% a year happening across the Marvin’s friendly bar. • Ian Callum, Sculptor of Modern Jag- next several decades (Another headline: Then comes August and time to get uar, to Step Down As Director of Design “‘The pain is just beginning’: After 38,000 serious! Chamois, Q-tips and Ibuprofen (Uh-oh! I’m gonna miss him) layoffs, Wall Street wakes up to ‘peak at the ready! • Jaguar Land Rover and BMW Partner car’.” -Wall St. Journal). Thanks for reading this. Up on Electrification (VERY interesting) Cars are doomed, the thinking seems And Prince Lucas says, “’Incorrectly.’ • Jaguar Will Sell You a Mashup of a to go. By 2030, nobody will even bother Get it? ‘Incorrectly!!!’ That’s funny!” Hellcat and an Evo (XE SV Project 8) But to get a drivers license, and we’ll all ride It’ll Cost $187,500. in PODs. No discussion of who is going Interesting headlines, eh? What do to build said PODs, of course, and there’s they all mean? a blithe disregard for the nature of our We already know that Jaguar Land American demographics and infrastruc- by Aaron Naparstek Rover (JLR) has issues. What is striking ture. I figure that in 2030, approximately here is the very broad range of those 300 million Americans will need to go to Went for oil change issues, activities and plans appearing on work each morning, and 80% of them the table, all at once, in a very turbulent, (240 million people), mostly suburban got transmission, clutch, muffler – difficult and competitive market. and exurban, will probably need to use bye-bye, Oahu Is it all bad? Not at all. Another SUV cars in order to get to said work (possi- (Jaguar’s largest yet, getting closer to bly up to 40 million EVs and 225 million Also, The Coventry Cat will publish your honku. parity with Land Rover). Peugeot has al- internal-combustion cars, as well as Level - And remember: Honku if you love Jaguars. ways been a great company, and they’ve 4 autonomous cars for the very few, July 2019 17 The Coventry Cat - New Parts - Used Parts - Rebuilt Parts 1-800-875-5247 | - 100,000 sq ft facility - Orders placed before The largest independent retailer of new, used 3 pm ship that day & rebuilt Jaguar spares since 1965

Proud supporter of the JCNA

18 The Coventry Cat July 2019 F A S T E S T G R O W I N G AUTOMOTIVE BRAND IN THE U.S. IN 2016 †

This year, we’re ready to start where we left o , because we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. Our lineup of high-performance vehicles backed by Jaguar EliteCare Best-In-Class coverage* has us poised to keep leaping ahead.


Vehicles Shown: 2017 Jaguar XE R-Sport, 2017 Jaguar XF R-Sport, 2017 Jaguar F-PACE First Edition. European license plates shown. †Claim based on number of new Jaguar vehicles sold in the U.S. from January to December 2016 as compared to number of Jaguar vehicles sold during calendar year 2015 (+116%), and compared against reported U.S. sales figures by automobile manufacturers for the same time periods. *Class is cars sold by luxury automobile brands and claim is based on total package of warranty, maintenance and other coverage programs. For complete details regarding Jaguar EliteCare coverage, please visit JAGUARUSA.COM, call 1.855.JAGUARUSA / 1.855.524.8278 or visit your local Jaguar Retailer. © 2017 Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC

19 The Coventry Cat July 2019 Place Stamp Jaguar Association of New England Here P.O.329 BoxRoss 692027 Corner Rd • • Shapleigh,Quincy, MA ME 02269 04076

Place Stamp Jaguar Association of New England Here 329 Ross Corner Rd • Shapleigh, ME 04076

Mailing Label

Mailing Label


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It's Time for the 2019 Spring Slalom (2024)
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