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Prepare to pass the ABIM Board exam in internal medicine with live and virtual ACP Board Review Courses.

Benefits of attending an Internal Medicine Board Review Course include:

  • High frequency, high importance topics directly from the ABIM exam blueprint
  • Highly interactive, case-based questions to keep you fully engaged
  • Instruction by a team of expert clinician-educators
  • Tips on test-taking strategies to strengthen your confidence
  • Complete electronic syllabus
  • CME Credit and MOC points
  • ABIM exam preparation guaranteed
  • More questions than ever before!
  • Ongoing, real-time written Q and A with faculty
  • Bonus: 6 months access to course recordings!

Available Internal Medicine Board Review Courses

CourseDateLocationsCourse InfoRegister
ACP Internal Medicine Board Review Course 2024
Greater Chicago, IL
Spring 2024:
June 3 – 7

Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center

Or Virtual Live

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ACP Internal Medicine Board Review Course 2024
Greater Washington DC
Summer 2024:
July 15 - 19

Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City

Or Virtual Live

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2023 Internal Medicine Board Review Course Recordings
Access ACP's 2023 Course Recordings to receive the very best learning online.
AnytimeImmediate Streaming Access

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Earning MOC Points and Past Course Information

To claim MOC points, you must successfully complete the MOC quiz. The MOC quiz becomes available on the final day of your course. You can access the MOC quiz, syllabus from your completed course, and any updated course material with the below link.

MOC Quiz and Course Material

Board Prep Guarantee

If you do not pass the ABIM Certification or MOC Exam in internal medicine after attending an ACP Exam Prep Course, you may attend one ACP Exam Prep Course within twelve months of your ABIM notification date, subject to space availability, and not pay the registration fee or you may receive access to a current Online ACP Exam Prep course recording. To qualify, email a copy of the ABIM notification letter of your test results with the option you are choosing.

Internal Medicine Board Review Courses | IMBR (2024)
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