Craigslist Snowblower (2024)

1. north jersey for sale "snowblowers" - craigslist

  • RUNNING Snowblowers Five to choose from starting at $100 to $300. 5/10·Holland Township , N.J.. hide. Snow blowers 1. •••. Snow blowers. 5/5·. $25 hide.

  • north jersey for sale "snowblowers" - craigslist

2. north jersey for sale "snow blower" - craigslist

  • Electric Snow Blower "Sunbeam Snow Champ" w/Adjustable Shoot-Works Gd. 1 min ago·bloomfield, nj. $25 hide. Ariens5HP,4speed,,just servisted,free delivery ...

  • north jersey for sale "snow blower" - craigslist

3. Craigslist comes through again with a snow blower and a 3-point receiver.

4. New and used Snow Blowers for sale | Facebook Marketplace

  • New and used Snow Blowers for sale near you on Facebook Marketplace. Find great deals or sell your items for free.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

5. Snow Blowers for sale in Sioux Falls, South Dakota | Facebook Marketplace

6. I'm going crazy... I picked up two Honda Snowblowers on craigslist ...

  • Apr 11, 2016 · Getting two decent shape machines for $250 isn't so bad, but I didn't think about the space it takes up in my garage. And I just spent $40 ...

  • My goal of spring cleaning was to clean out my damn garage and this is what I did. Backstory was last summer I picked up a used Honda HS621 snowblower on craigslist in good condition- no rust, starts up right away, auger was straight, etc. but during the one and only blizzard the auger shaft...

7. Used Snow Blowers for Sale - 866 Listings | Machinery Pete

  • Find 866 used snow blowers for sale near you. Browse the most popular brands and models at the best prices on Machinery Pete.

8. This Truck Mounted Snowblower Has Its Own 302 For Power

  • Dec 10, 2013 · BangShift Approved Craigslist Find: This Truck Mounted Snowblower Has Its Own 302 For Power –. We have to thank Andrew Crouch for the tip on ...

  • Brian Lohnes | Craigslist Find

This Truck Mounted Snowblower Has Its Own 302 For Power

9. Craigslist Nightmare - Wheel Horse Tractors

  • Aug 3, 2015 · It was equipped with a snowblower, a 42" rear discharge deck and a 48" side discharge deck, extra set of AG tires mounted on rims, chains, ...

  • On the list today for my possible acquisition was a decent little 312-A, and a latecomer--a C-141. Both of these were posted on Craigslist.I will try to keep this brief. Maybe all this was caused by the recent blue moon...I went to look at the 312-A that was supposed to be a come and get it--I do...

Craigslist Nightmare - Wheel Horse Tractors
Craigslist Snowblower (2024)


Is it worth buying a used snow blower? ›

If a snow blower is newer, it will likely be easier to use. As time progresses, products tend to advance in terms of reliability and features, so buying an older snow blower means it may lack key safety features, self-propulsion or all-surface operation, or it might just not throw snow far enough.

What is the best month to buy a snowblower? ›

"January can be the sweet spot for snow-blower deals, particularly if you've had a mild winter in your area" says Courtney Pennicooke, CR's market analyst for snow blowers. "The selection is still pretty good, and you can often save money as retailers start making room for grills and lawn mowers."

Are cheap snow blowers worth it? ›

While it makes good financial sense to find an affordable snowblower that doesn't break your budget, keep in mind that it isn't worth anything if it can't handle the amount of snow you expect to see each winter. Less expensive snowblowers, generally speaking, are made to handle smaller jobs.

What is the life expectancy of a snowblower? ›

Generally speaking, if a snowblower is properly maintained and not used too frequently then it can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years. If a snowblower is neglected or used heavily then its lifespan can be significantly shortened.

Do I really need a 2 stage snow blower? ›

Two-stage snow blowers are great for handling all types of snow on any surface. For example, a two-stage may be an ideal choice for those with gravel driveways, since they don't clean all the way to the ground which helps avoid pieces of gravel getting into your snow blower's auger.

Why are Honda snowblowers better? ›

Ice breaking serrated augers

Our snow blowers feature deeper serrations, the better to cut through tough conditions. Need another example? Just check out our shear bolts. Honda snow blowers are equipped with easily replaceable shear bolts, unlike most of our competitors.

What is a good size snowblower? ›

24-28 Inches: A versatile mid-range size suitable for moderate to heavy snowfall. Good for medium-sized driveways and walkways.

Is a 24 inch snow blower big enough? ›

TWO-STAGE SNOW BLOWER Clearing width: 20-38 inches

If you need your snow blower to clear up to 12 inches of heavy, wet snow from a longer driveway, a two-stage machine with a clearing width between 24 and 28 inches and an intake height around 20 inches is worth consideration.

How much should I spend on a snow blower? ›

While a snowblower costs anywhere from $100 to almost $10,000, most homeowners will pay between $250 and $2,000, but it depends on the type you want and need. Power shovels are an economical option for some assisted shoveling while areas with heavy snow might need a large gas three-stage machine for regular clearing.

How many inches of snow before you use a snowblower? ›

At least two inches of snow should be on the ground before considering the snowblower, according to real estate company Rocket Homes. However, it also depends on what kind of snowblower you have.

How long should you let a snowblower warm up? ›

Let the machine run for at least five minutes to let the engine time to warm up, fuel to run through the system, etc. Engage the drive and auger a couple times to make sure all is working as it should too.

What snowblower is best for heavy wet snow? ›

All in all, we recommend the Ariens Classic snow blower to anyone looking for a machine that's a breeze to maneuver up and down hills and can cut through heavy, wet snow like a dream.

Which is better, a 2 stage or 3 stage snow blower? ›

Fortunately, three-stage snow blowers (sometimes called snow throwers) tackle that woeful winter chore up to 30 percent faster than two-stage models, Consumer Reports' tests find, in part because they can clear deeper snow with a single pass.

How many cc is a good snow blower? ›

Look for professional snow blowers equipped with an engine of at least 400 CCs.

How old should you be to use a snow blower? ›

Never allow children under 14 years of age to operate a snow blower. Children 14 and over should read and understand the instructions and safe operation practices that are described in the manual.

Should you dry off your snow blower after each use? ›

After use, run the snow blower for a few moments to clear out snow and to prevent freeze-up of the auger or impeller. Sweep off the machine and dry it with a cloth to help keep melting snow and ice from causing corrosion or rust.

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